March 21, 2009

Blog Update

I've decided to be (a little) more intentional about this blog. I originally started this blog to post stories and reflections drawn mainly from my life as a pastor. Over time, I began including photographs, which at times has made this a sort of "family photo album" kind of blog. The result, it seems to me, is that this blog has two different identities.

I've pondered the idea of splitting this blog into two, so that there would be one blog for written stuff, and one for family photos. However, I really don't want yet another blog. (In addition to this one, I have a blog where I post my sermons, and I also contribute to a group blog for preaching.)

So here's what I've decided: From now on, I will post a written piece every Thursday. If you like to read what I write, check in on Thursdays, because that's when new stuff will appear.

I will also continue to post photos, updates, that sort of thing. These will appear more or less randomly, with a schedule that may have several posts one week, and no posts in others. However, these types of posts will never appear on Thursdays.

And, since this is not a Thursday, here's Ethan and his fellow sixth-grade chorus members at their concert last week:

Ethan is to the right; they're singing "I'd Do Anything For You" from Oliver!

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Katherine said...

I struggle with the same issue. I feel like mine has three or four identities. Sometimes I think about starting over anonymously, but I've always liked the accountability of being public.