February 07, 2009

Umbrella Shield

Ginger is away on a retreat for pastors' spouses this weekend. I knew I had to find something for the boys and I to do, or else they would start driving each other--and me--crazy.

Then I remembered we have annual passes to Disneyland. Actually, that's something I never forget. The kids are starting to get sick of the place, but as I keep reminding them, we only have three months until the passes expire. "Besides," I said, "it's a perfect day to visit Disneyland!"

That's when we heard the thunder crash.

"Don't worry," I said. "It'll clear up by the time we get there. Look! Already, the sky is lightening up to the southwest!"

So, off we went, to enjoy a day of beautiful California sunshine.

OK, so it did rain. But it was a light rain. Plus, there were periods of sun, too. And besides, we had our rain jackets and umbrellas. No problem!

Then we walked past the Grizzly River ride. We found a spot on the path that overlooks the spot where the rafts come down the chute, creating a big splash which lands on the path. Ding! You could hear the light bulbs coming on in their heads. Lots of water? An umbrella in my hand? The decision of what to do next was obvious:

We came home early.

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