February 26, 2009

Baby Tree

As far as this blog is concerned, I've been finding coherent thoughts hard to come by lately, and so I haven't posted much. Although I've posted nine times in February, which is almost my average monthly number of posts, and pretty good, I think, considering it's a short month.

Like you care about any of this.

I had wanted to post a photo of a tree I planted. I found it growing near the curb on my street, the result of a seed dropped by one of the large Chinese elms. At least, I think that's what it is--it's only about an inch tall. I carefully scooped it up out of the dirt, knowing that it wouldn't stand a chance where it was, and put it in a small pot that is now on the kitchen windowsill. I actually took the photo I wanted to post earlier in the week. However, now I can't find the camera. I suspect my wife has it, but probably, it's just where I left it.

Anyway, I want to take care of this tree, in part because I did so poorly with the tree Wall-E sent me. Yes, the robot from the Pixar film. The spruce seedling arrived in my mailbox in a cardboard tube, all ready for planting. I brought it inside the house, where it sat for a month.

If you've seen the movie Wall-E, you know what a travesty this is.

Anyway, I'll post the picture of the Chinese elm soon. Hopefully. If I don't kill it first.

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