January 27, 2009

Weather Report

It's been nice. Even when the forecast is for rain, the rain never shows up. It's been a time for walking along the beach or visiting the park or going camping. Ah, to live in southern California.

However, all those beachgoers and picknickers can't help but feel just a slight bit uneasy while they enjoy themselves. January is supposed to be the wettest month in southern California, and the snowiest month for California's mountains. A decent snowpack now ensures that we'll have water to drink next summer. January is almost over, and so far this month, Long Beach has received 0.17 inches of precipitation.

Monday was my birthday; it was also a day on which rain was forecast. I had plans to spend my birthday at Disneyland, and the night before, contemplated what sort of rain gear to bring: umbrella or rain jacket/rain pants? When I woke up Monday morning, I still hadn't decided. Then I opened the door, and realized the answer: neither.

A picture taken Monday morning, at Disneyland:

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

With the ground covered with snow and the fact that it's only been above 32 about 2 days in the last two weeks with snow in the forecast, I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for you. But, as you might retort -- no water in the summer. Alas, I guess I'll have to enjoy my water and sunshine fully then. But for now . . .