January 13, 2009

Still Christmas

I took advantage of the unseasonally warm weather and the new light my sister gave me for my bike, and bicycled to church for youth group. When it was over, I hopped on my bike, flipped on the light, and headed home.

I took a slight detour; one of the youth was using his skateboard to get home, so I rode with him. As we rode, we passed by a house that still had its Christmas lights up. Not only were they up, but they had them turned on. And the Christmas tree in their window was lit as well.

It's a little late for Christmas, people, I thought. I'm not one of those people who rush to take down the decorations the day after Christmas; but once Epiphany passes, it's time.

However, as I glanced over my left shoulder to gaze upon the house, I had a change of heart. Most of us seem so eager to ditch the decorations as soon as we can, and move on to whatever's next on the calendar. That's certainly what the stores do, with their shelves of Valentine's Day cards and gifts and decorations already on display. But the residents of this house--could it be that they just weren't ready yet to end their Christmas celebration? Could it be possible that they wanted to hold on to that Christmas spirit just a little longer?

And, like the Grinch, whose heart grew three sizes, I decided to see how much of the Christmas spirit I could keep with me, today, tomorrow, all year long.

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