December 10, 2008

Southern California Christmas

When I moved back to southern California last Christmas, I realized that southern Californians often have their own unique way of decorating.

Well, this year I've kept my eye open for unique Christmas decorations. Here's a tour of what I've found so far.

Other than shopping malls, few begin decorating for the holidays earlier in the year than the folks at Disneyland. Like everything else at Disneyland, most decorations there are extravagent. But some, like this one, really cause you to turn your head.

Closer to home, I pass by several decorated houses every morning when I walk my son to school. The first one we come to annoys me for some reason. It features a giant inflatable Spongebob Squarepants; to his right is a device that counts down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Christmas. (The numbers aren't visible in this picture due to the early morning sun shining on them.)

The second one is a bit more to my liking. Tristan and I watched as this decoration was put together. At first, all we saw was a giant bush wrapped up in white plastic. We had no idea what it was. Then four men carried out a giant black hat, and the decoration came to life.


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Hey, where's the snow? No snow? How can you have Christmas without snow?

Danny Bradfield said...

It snows at Disneyland. Every night. On the hour. Just don't stand next to my son, who will point out to you, "It's just soap."