October 14, 2008

When You Are Asked to Speak at Church

It can be an intimidating experience, to stand before so many. Especially if the words you have been asked to speak are your own, as opposed to something someone else has written. If you are not used to this sort of thing, you will be nervous.

That is, I believe, as it should be. Especially if you have been called to interpret to the people the word of God. What an awesome responsibility! Anyone who is not nervous in such a situation, I think, does not understand the significance of what they have been called to do. After some 500 sermons, I still get a little nervous as I step into the pulpit to begin preaching.

However, if you have been called to preach--called by God, and called by the people to whom you are preaching--it helps to remember just that: that you have, in fact, been called to where you are. And it helps to remember that those to whom you speak want you to do well. There may be one or two who will be searching for fault in what you say or how you say it, but the vast majority will be silently cheering you on. They'll be supporting you, as best they can, perhaps even praying for you, as you speak.

They are, after all, your brothers and sisters in Christ. You are speaking to your own family.

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