October 20, 2008

Regional Assembly

This past weekend I attended the regional assembly of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This is the region in which I grew up, and after being out of southern California for the past 8 years, it felt almost like a homecoming, or a reuniting with my family. Many of the same people who were trying to be cool eight years ago are still trying to be cool. Many of the same people who like the limelight were still seeking it. Many who tend to remain in the shadows were still in the shadows, taking it all in. I'm not sure exactly where I fit in all of this; someone else could probably explain that better than I can.

The worship services were outstanding. We had great speakers, and great musicians. And not everything is the same as it was--praise be to God! We are a transforming church, in more ways than one. From the drums and guitars to the video screens to the abundance of "No on 8" stickers and pins, it was clear that we aren't exactly the same church that we once were. I think we still have a long way to go on the transformation journey, but we're making progress.

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Darn I can't see anyone I know! Unless it's the back of heads. Thanks for the report.