October 06, 2008

Best Coffee Shop in Long Beach?

After five months, I'm making some changes to my schedule at the church where I pastor. I've been trying to be present at the office as much as possible, but now I am realizing that that's not the most productive use of my time. Plus, Ginger is starting a new job (hopefully this week), which will require me to make some changes to my schedule. That's just one of the trade-offs for being a family that is only burdened with one car.

So, I've decided that I will no longer be in the church office on Wednesdays. Instead, I'm going to use Wednesdays to visit shut-ins, members in the hospital, and perhaps others who might like a visit. I may also use part of my Wednesdays to write: sermons, newsletter articles, prayers ... whatever needs to be written. Perhaps even a blog post. I'll do this writing at home, or--better yet--at a coffee shop (even though I don't drink coffee). I'll do it with a piece of paper and a pen that I can hold in my hand. I'll do it without being distracted everytime the little box at the computer screen alerts me to the fact that I have just received a new message in my inbox.

Now all I need to do is find the best coffee shop in Long Beach that serves tea--preferably one that is not part of a mega-chain...

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