October 31, 2008

Band Name Meme

Dan Mayes tagged me in a meme, because he "wanted to know what's happening in the Signal Hill music scene." The instructions are to come up with your hypothetical band's name, album title, and cover art for the first album.

Here's how it works:
Click here to get a random wiki page. The title of the page is your band name.
Click here for a random quote generator. The last four words of the quote are the album title.
Click here for an interesting photo from flickr, which will serve as the cover art.

My results are:

Band name: Audri┼ći (pretty cool, I think. The band, apparently, is named after a small village in Latvia.)

Album title: "And the Common Cold" (hmm, somehow I don't think I'm going to be liking the vocals on this album. Then again, if the order of the quotes was different, the album might have been titled, "Sitting On Our Ass.")

And I don't know what to say about the album cover art, except that I'm glad this picture came up first, because next to it was a picture of Sarah Palin.

Hey, Bob Cornwall, what's the music scene up in Michigan?
Michelle Nichol, what's it like up north?
And Ginger, how does my dear wife see the music scene in Signal Hill?

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