August 06, 2008

Sleeping Through the Sermon

There are a few weeks left of summer before things around here begin their fall routines. Ginger and I have kept the boys pretty busy all summer, but now we have a challenge: a few weeks with no activities planned.

The challenge comes from the fact that Ginger and I both work. Fortunately, I can be flexible with my schedule. Since I'm up at 6:00 most mornings, yesterday I decided to head straight to church and do some work. I worked two hours until 8:00, and then I grabbed my laptop and headed home so that Ginger could go to work. At home I spent four hours working on my sermon for next Sunday. The boys were playing in the living room, so I sat in my bedroom working away.

Near the end of those four hours, I had a pretty good first draft of my sermon completed. Then I promptly fell asleep on the bed.

In the evening, after enjoying "National Night Out" at the park nearby, I returned to church for a Bible Study and Board Meeting.

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Adam Gonnerman said...

It annoys me when I zonk out while writing a sermon. My time is always so tight that I end up writing in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, and I can't seem to stay alert.