July 13, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride

It may have been Tristan's birthday, but it was my UNbirthday.Tristan turned seven on Friday. It was the last day of Vacation Bible School (they sang to him), and after V.B.S. was over, we headed to Disneyland.

I've had a lot of fun so far watching my boys grow up. Every day, I can see a little bit more of a glimpse of the adults they will become. Time does seem to be ticking faster these days, and I don't want to miss anything.

Tristan's brother, by the way, begins today a week of camp for kids with Type-1 Diabetes. Ethan will turn eleven later this month. He is becoming more independent in taking care of his diabetes, and I know that a week at camp will help. He has been to his first boy scout troop meeting, and with the campouts and activities boy scouts do, he needs to have a really good handle on keeping his diabetes in control. I am confident that he will be up to the task.

Space Mountain.  Earlier in the day, the ride went down while Ethan, Madi and I were riding; our train stopped, and we got to see the inside with the lights on.
Since we got our passes to Disneyland two months ago, the boys have tested their courage by trying some of the more thrilling rides. First it was the Matterhorn, then Star Tours, then Big Thunder, then the Haunted Mansion. On Friday, Tristan decided it was time to brave Space Mountain. When the ride was over, he was so thrilled with it that he couldn't stop laughing. He wanted to ride again, but alas, it was midnight--Disneyland was closed, and Tristan's birthday was over.

And yet, it seems that the wild ride continues...

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