June 21, 2008


Last night, the family gathered around the television to watch the world premiere of "Camp Rock" on the Disney channel ... because there's nothing we like better than bad acting, predictable plots, and tons of Disney self-promotion.

In the movie, superstar Shane Gray overhears a girl singing with a beautiful voice. The problem is, he doesn't see her face. So he obsessively tries to find her by listening to every girl in the camp sing. Unfortunately, the girl whose voice he heard (no, it's not Ariel) is the one girl who doesn't want to sing for him.

With twenty minutes left in the show, the phone rang. It was a teenager from northern California who I haven't seen since we moved six months ago. (This teen's brother, by the way, looks just like Shane Gray in his pouty moods.)

We talked ... and I missed the end of the show. Did Shane find his girl? I don't know! Ah, the tragedy! How can I live without knowing! How can I make it through the day?

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Adam Gonnerman said...

I could ask my ten-year-old daughter. I vaguely remember letting her stay up an extra half-hour to see the end.