May 19, 2008

Joy Does Come in the Morning

One thing I've realized about L.A.'s metro system is that, if you're not familiar with it, it can be confusing. The few times I rode the San Francisco Bay Area's BART trains, I noticed it was easier to figure out where you were going. On my first day riding Metro, I had no clue where to go when I got off the Red Line at 7th St./Metro Center to transfer to the Blue Line. It took me two weeks to figure out the shortest way to do that, even though all it involved was going up one flight of stairs. In addition, the announcements made on the trains are usually inaudible. The conductors must have the microphones positioned far away from them.

Except for today's conductor. As soon as everyone boarded, he could be heard loud and clear: "Welcome aboard the Metro Red Line. No eating, drinking or smoking. Our first stop will be Universal City."

However, he didn't stop there. "It's a great morning, and I hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful, joyous day."

After picking up a few more passengers at Universal City, he continued. "Welcome aboard, all you people. It's good to see you all this morning. Joy does come in the morning... Yes, yes, yes. Our next stop will be Hollywood & Highland...."

Somebody should pay this guy extra.

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kathy a. said...

i love BART -- from the first ride as a tourist in 1974, through all the commutes 1979-84 and 1989 to present.

but i agree, the extra-joyous conductors on any transit system deserve a bonus.