April 08, 2008

Shifting Tides

Once upon a time, some folks decided to build a church. They built it strong, with solid walls and a good foundation. They wanted it to last.

For a long time, the church they built thrived. On Sunday mornings, the place was packed. The Sunday School was overflowing. Activities took place nearly every day of the week. The future looked bright.

However, it wasn't long before the cultural tides shifted. People stopped coming to worship, and the church's foundation began to erode away.

Undeterred, the church folks put even move energy into their efforts. They reinforced the walls they had built and strengthened the foundation. They kept doing all the things they had done in the past, all the things that had made their church so successful in years gone by. But it was to no avail.

Eventually, the shifting cultural tides were too much for their church, and it ceased to be.


Dennis Sanders said...

And the point of the story is....?

Danny said...

Eesh, well, I guess watching the kids build their sand fort despite the incoming tide just reminded me of folks who still try to do church as if it's the 1950s. I found the kids' efforts funny, and likewise, this post shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


We who pastor in this day and age face the dilemma of a community of people who wish the tides didn't keep coming in, and yet they do. We're called to adapt, but what does that mean?


Melanie said...

Oh, I love the metaphor! Find a new place, find a new way, find a new design to build the the same fantastic fort. The tide will keep coming, are we smart enough to adapt? Can we adapt in time?

Dan Mayes said...

Perhaps we need to stop building forts and start building boats...