April 02, 2008


For three days I was at a retreat for clergy in the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The uniqueness of this region (which was attended by over 100 clergy) was evident: all the presentations were simultaneously translated into both Spanish and Korean.

The blending of cultures seemed to be emphasized by the blending of the seasons. It's spring in the valley. On the drive up to the retreat, the colors of the wildflowers on the hills were vibrant. A little higher up the mountain, though, and the road disappeared into a thick fog. Upon arriving at the retreat center, patches of snow could be seen covering the ground.

The afternoons were relatively warm, requiring only a light sweatshirt. But at night, the puddles turned to ice. I returned home yesterday afternoon; today, at the retreat center, possibly a half foot of new snow is predicted to fall.

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Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Sounds like a great retreat! But, alas, I was enjoying the "warm sunshine" of a Michigan Spring!