April 11, 2008

A New Ministry (And How to Get There)

In two weeks, the congregation of a church in Long Beach will vote on whether or not to call me as their pastor. The leadership of the congregation has already voted unanimously in my favor. It certainly seems likely that the congregation's vote will have a similar result.

One of the congregation's leaders has already asked me if I would be ready to start right away, the day after the vote is taken. I said yes. So it is very likely that I'll begin a new ministry on April 28.

Meanwhile, on the morning of June 4th, Ethan and all the 5th graders at Edison Elementary will participate in a graduation ceremony. Next year, it's off to middle school! Since Long Beach is only about 30 miles away from Burbank, we will remain living here until summer so that Ethan and Tristan can finish the school year.

This is great news, but it also presents a challenge. We only have one car. My wife's idea is to get a 2nd car, but I see cars as a necessary evil, so why would I want another one? Besides, we really can't afford one, not to mention gas (currently $3.70/gallon here). We could possibly rent or lease one (is there such a thing as a two-month car lease?). Or we could get creative, actually daring to figure out the Southland's public transportation system--which, obviously, is the most environmentally-friendly solution.

We've ridden the Metro before, to Hollywood and L.A. But will it get me all the way to Long Beach? Perhaps, but what about my need to visit church members and attend meetings which may or may not be at the church?

Ginger could take the bus across Burbank to her job, but she probably wouldn't see that as fair. (I get the car, she gets to take the bus.) I know there are other families in L.A. with only one car, and some folks even get by with no car. But is it possible for us?

Are we willing to find out?

To be continued...

Victory Blvd. where it crosses the Ventura Freeway, during a rare lull in the L.A. traffic.


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


Congratulations! I had been hoping you might succeed me, but God has other plans.

On the car -- you might talk to the church about leasing something. You might be able to get to LB on the bus/or train, but calling will require a car. I'll have an old Contour for sale very soon!

Purple Hydrangea said...

Yippee! Congrats!! (big sigh of relief) ... would you be able to drop ginger off at work on your way to LB in the mornings, and then she use transit in the afternoon? just a thought, not sure what their system is like, but i know you will be investigating ALL the alternatives!