April 15, 2008

Hike Report: Carpinteria State Beach

We recently joined a Ethan and Tristan's cub scout pack for a short hike at Carpinteria State Beach. After passing through the campground, we crossed over some bluffs covered with wildflowers and an occasional tree. Unfortunately, Ethan was not in the mood for a hike, so I kept him back a ways from the rest of the group. The air was quiet, except for his occasional outbursts of pre-teen angst.

Eventually, we had to decide if we were going to choose to be a part of the group, or head back. We decided to be with the group. Quickly, we headed southeast along the shore, and caught up with the group at an overlook. Ethan kept apart from the group; he was no longer complaining. He was merely silent.

Looking down from the bluff, we saw a bunch of seals. I wonder, do young seals ever get into moods that their parents must help them deal with?

Tristan, for his part, seemed to enjoy the hike. He even found the plant life to be of interest. (Sometimes, though, the roles are reversed. Yesterday, I walked the boys home from school, and it was Tristan who complained the whole way.)

The hike continued. By the time we reached the tidepools, both boys were happy. Sure, there were anemonies and urchins and sea stars to look at, but there was something even better. No boy has ever not found delight in the opportunity to get one's feet wet!

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