April 20, 2008

Earth Day

There were many activities taking place in southern California this weekend in honor of Earth Day. We chose the one closest to us: a canyon clean-up and community festival at Stough Park here in Burbank.

Ethan and Tristan didn't particularly care for the canyon clean-up part of it, but there was plenty of time to enjoy the activities, which included visiting booths, enjoying snacks, and participating in some arts and crafts, all scattered inside and out at the Nature Center. We left just before the mayor spoke, because my sister invited us to go to the L.A. Zoo with her and her family.
In light of all this week's Earth celebrations, I'm wondering about my transportation issue if/when I start working in Long Beach. I could take Metro from North Hollywood to Long Beach. Metro does have bike lockers for rent, and I could use a bike to get around Long Beach. Hmmm.

Ethan at Stough Canyon

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edgartanaka said...

Great pictures as usual!