February 11, 2008

Watching the Waves

We went to the beach yesterday, after church. The boys played in the water, and spent the entire afternoon laughing and running around, without a single fight. Even Ginger, who moved down here to southern California with some reluctance, had to admit that the L.A. area does have its good points.

I have a feeling that this week, I'll find some temporary employment. The writers' strike is about to end, which means a lot of people in Burbank will be going back to work, which means (hopefully) that a lot of temporary jobs will be opening up. If not, I have the option of delivering flowers on Valentine's Day, or assisting the Easter Bunny at the mall between now and Easter. I could even be the Easter Bunny. If I wanted to.

A church that's looking for a pastor has asked for a video of one of my sermons. This is great, except that I can't make any videos, since I'm not currently preaching. Anyone in the L.A. area in need of a guest preacher this Sunday?

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