January 04, 2008

Three Things

Three things I learned today:

1. I can type fast. Today, in applying for a temporary job, I tested at 81 words per minute (adjusted for errors). The strange thing is that often when I write, I like to do it by hand, with a pen or pencil, before sitting down in front of a keyboard. That's how I wrote my essays in college and seminary, it's how I write my sermons, and it's how I write many of my blog posts. Perhaps writing by hand forces me to slow down and have time to think?

2. I don't like shopping. I had over $70 to spend today at Mervyns, thanks to some gift cards I received for Christmas. I spent two hours in the store, and finally walked out with a long-sleeved shirt, an armful of socks (dress socks & running socks), one pair of boxer briefs (on clearance) ... and $45 left on one of the gift cards. I told Ginger that, because she actually likes to shop, I'll write down my sizes, and she can take the card and finish it off. I get new clothes, she gets to shop, and everyone's happy.

Before the storm.3. It rains, even in southern California.

Incidentally, the rainstorm that has now arrived blew through northern California last night. It knocked over a tree in front of my old church, which in turned knocked down the 700-pound, century-old bell that was situated next to it. I don't know if the damage is covered by insurance, but if it is, I'm sure it will be attributed to an "act of God."

Finally, if anyone is interested, some family photos from Christmas can be seen to the right.

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