January 07, 2008

New School

Last month, we called. "Just show up on the first day of school after winter break," we were told, "and you can enroll your children then." How wonderful, we thought.

During the move, we told Ethan and Tristan all about their new school. "It's close enough to walk!" we said. "It's the same school that your Dad [that being me] went to. And, its mascot is the Bees."

Upon arriving in Burbank, we took them to see their new school, even though it was closed for winter break. "It's very blue," they said. ("It wasn't that blue when I went here," I said.) "It's very big," they said, "and scary."

We assured them that it wasn't that scary. Nevertheless, they were anxious as we got ready for school this morning. At 7:45, we walked to school, all five of us: Ethan, Tristan, Mom, Dad, Grandpa. We walked into the school office.

"We're capped out," they said. "You'll have to go to another school."

Tomorrow, Ethan and Tristan will begin at Thomas A. Edison Elementary School ("home of the Chargers"). It's big. It's blue, though not as blue as Bret Harte elementary. It's not where Dad went to school ... but it is where Grandpa went.

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