January 26, 2008

Hike Report: Cahuenga

I wouldn't do this hike today if I were you. I especially wouldn't do it tomorrow. This weekend, the trail is certainly a terrible, muddy mess.

Last Saturday, though, was the kind of day southern California is known for: warm & sunny, despite being in the middle of January. Cahuenga Peak is the mountain that divides Burbank from Hollywood. Right next to it is Mt. Lee. As a kid, I would gaze up at these hills nearly every day, but I never went up there. Last weekend I did.

We parked near the Hollywood Reservoir and began hiking up. The trail is short, but steep. And sunny. Not one I'd want to do on an August afternoon.

Near the top, we arrived at the tree I mentioned in my post earlier in the week. I've since found out that the tree was planted there 30 years ago by a man named Vincent, who purchased it from the Vons grocery store on Pass Avenue in Burbank. It's become something of a landmark. The firefighters fought hard to protect that tree when the north side of Cahuenga Peak went up in flames last spring.

The top of Cahuenga Peak is just a short way past the tree. It is the highest peak in the Hollywood Hills.

Continuing past Cahuenga Peak, the trail follows the ridge down to Mt. Lee. Mt. Lee is right above Forest Lawn. Atop Mt. Lee are several radio towers that are very prominent when one looks south from Burbank, especially at night when they are lit up. As a kid, I wondered exactly what one would see on the other side of Mt. Lee. Now I know:

The whole hike took less than 3 hours. There will be no hiking this weekend, on account of the weather, and the fact that today I'm celebrating my birthday with family. Perhaps next week.

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Marcus said...

Cool! Thanks for the info, I've been wanting to go chill under the shade of that tree ever since my mom moved to Burbank almost two years ago. It's gonna happen this summer!