December 24, 2007

Christmas 'What If?'

You want to do what?
I want to come to earth as a baby.
A human baby?
Well, yes.
Whatever for?
To show my love.
Sounds way too risky.
It is.
Your'e making yourself way too vulnerable.
I am.
And just who's child would you be?
Well, I'm thinking about a teenage girl in Bethlehem named Mary. She's engaged to a man named Joseph who--
Hold it! Do you mean she's not even married yet? Don't you realize what people in that society think of unwed, pregnant teenagers? Dont' you realize what they do to unwed, pregnant teens?
Yes, I do.
You'd be lucky to even make it to the day of your birth.
I'm not counting on luck.
I'm sorry, God, but this idea of yours is just way too risky. It leaves us way too vulnerable.
But that's what love does: it takes risks; it allows itself to become vulnerable.
No way, God. We don't even know if it's going to work. We need to stick with what we've been doing: wars, famines, crazy prophets.
But those things haven't worked, either.
I'm sorry, God, but the members of this committee just aren't comfortable with the idea you've presented.

What a crazy idea God had...

Will Turner: This is either madness or brilliance.
Jack Sparrow: It's amazing how often those two traits coincide.

Merry Christmas. (And happy 3 year anniversary to my blog!)

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