November 16, 2007

Reads When Inappropriate

Yesterday was parent/teacher conferences. Both went well (Ethan's & Tristan's). However, one note on Tristan's report card caught my attention. It said, "sometimes reads when inappropriate." I asked the teacher about it. She got embarrassed, and we started laughing. It does seem kind of crazy that a teacher would complain that one of her students was reading too much.

Tristan has been reading books on his own since he was four. When he picked up a book and read it to me one night two years ago, I was as surprised as anyone. Now he's reading chapter books, even Harry Potter (he's on book 2).

It was one year ago that my wife and I decided to move Tristan up a grade. He is six now, and is almost halfway through 2nd grade. He excels in every subject. This is a real joy, but at the same time, I wonder how we are going to keep him challenged as he gets older. What are we going to do with him when he's a teenager?

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Michael said...

Tristan sounds like an amazing kid.
He will keep himself challenged even if the school doesn't. The love of reading will provide that how.

Take Care