September 30, 2007

Scout Expo

I am 36 years old. Today, I feel much older, but I know the feeling is temporary.

After coming home from church today, I fell onto the living room couch. I stayed there for about 3 hours, watching football and NASCAR. I never watch football and NASCAR. And I slept some, before deciding that I didn't really want to waste the entire afternoon. So I got up and went outside to clean out the gutters.

Yesterday my whole family joined what was the fourth largest community in Yuba County, albeit a community that was short-lived. We were among seven or eight thousand boy scouts & their leaders at an event called "Scout Expo," at nearby Beale Air Force Base.

Since my kids are young cub scouts, we arrived near sunrise on Saturday morning. Had they been older, they would have been able to arrive Friday and camp overnight, enduring a terrific lightning storm & downpour (I could see the lightning from my house, though no rain fell at home). As it was, Saturday morning dawned clear and cold, with a strong north wind. The afternoon, however, was beautiful.

We spent the whole day on our feet, participating in various scouting activities. At the end of the day, Ethan and I joined all but the youngest scouts on a 2.5 mile hike (one-way) to the site of the big nighttime arena show. (The youngest ones didn't have to hike). It was an exciting end to a long day. Tristan ended up falling asleep on the ground as the program concluded with a laser show. By the time we arrived back at home and crawled into bed, it was nearly midnight.

Scouting is a wonderful program for kids. I myself would not be the person I am today without the leadership skills and experiences I acquired through scouting. I don't agree with every policy of the Boy Scouts of America, but I know of no other organization that does such a good job of helping boys grow into men.

Today, my body feels a little older. That, I know, is temporary. And my heart is young and full of hope.

I wasn't the only one to take a picture of this sign.

Look both ways before crossing.

Of course there would be model plane building.

On the way to the arena show.

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