September 02, 2007

Heat Wave

Ethan & Tristan in the Bear River.

It's hot. Living in the Sacramento Valley, I guess I should be used to that. But this summer's heat wave waited until after school started, after the community pool had closed for the season.

I've noticed that when it's this hot, it's hard to find the motivation to do anything except take a nap. But I resisted that temptation, because I knew that it wouldn't really make me feel any better, and besides, the whole family was getting a little cabin fever from self-imposed sequestering inside a relatively cool house. So we went back to the river, but this time, we went to the Bear River, because it's closer and doesn't require a one mile hike to get to.

Unfortunately, the Bear River is shallow, and the water was warm. Getting wet allowed one to feel the very slight breeze that was blowing, and that was nice, but within five minutes the effect wore off. This, despite the fact that it was approaching 5:00 in the afternoon.

Tomorrow is our community's annual Labor Day parade and festival, an entire day of fun in the sun. After six days of triple digit temperatures, tomorrow's high is predicted to be below 100. The forecast is for a high of 98.

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