August 28, 2007

Power Outage

Previous adventures with PG&E are located here.

I had placed a cup of water in the microwave so I could have a cup of green tea. Ginger was in the shower, her hair covered in shampoo. It was at that moment that the power went out.

I settled for lukewarm tea; Ginger quickly rinsed the shampoo out before the water, which we receive via an electric pump that brings it up from the well, gave out.

I called the PG&E automated phone system to report the outage.

"Are you calling regarding the account at 530-656-xxxx?"


"Our records do not show an account at that number."

After that was straightened out, the computer voice told me that there was an outage in "Ni-col-ASS" caused by a faulty transformer. No kidding. The transformer is right across the street, in front of the church, and the loud boom it made shook the house. Not that this is the first time it's happened. I think it's the fourth in the past seven years. That's some quality equipment they've got up there, I'm sure.

Well, as you can see, a repairman quickly arrived, and power is now restored. On with the day.

At least the blue on the truck matches nicely with my blog's new color scheme.

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