August 10, 2007


First, a couple of people left comments on my previous posts. Thanks! I love to get comments.

Second, one thing I've learned in ministry is that, no matter how frustrated I may become with certain people in the church, on Sunday morning, when I stand in front of the church and look out upon the congregation, I can't help but love them. And always, I feel at least a little bit of love in return.

Third, it is probably no coincidence that some of the ideas in my last post sound like something from The Secret. I enjoyed reading that book, and would like to see the movie. I also enjoyed What the Bleep Do We Know?, a movie & book that expresses similar ideas. However, the image of God that is presented in both The Secret and What the Bleep seems very impersonal to me. Things also seem to be rather simplified, especially in The Secret. So, yes, they've had an influence on me and my faith, but I can't quite say that they're completely true, at least for me.... If you've read these books or seen these movies, let me know what you think.

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