August 22, 2007

First Day of School

School started today, just in time. Ethan and Tristan have been getting bored. Summer has been filled with a lot of fun activities, but the last two weeks have mostly been stay-at-home.

Ethan is in 5th grade this year; Tristan is in 2nd. Both will be attending Browns School (up the street), after spending last year at Riverside Meadows where Ginger worked. They're starting the school year with new backpacks, new clothes, new smiles (but no new haircuts ... yet), and even a new meter for Ethan to check his blood sugar. It's a lot smaller and easier to carry around. I've not yet met Ethan's teacher, who is new to the school, but Ginger took the boys to school today and hopefully was able to meet with him. (Yes, he's a he, which is great for Ethan.) Even though Ethan can pretty much take care of his own diabetes, it's important for his teacher to know when Ethan's blood sugar needs to be checked, how to administer insulin, and what to do if his blood sugar is too high or too low. We've been very fortunate in that we've always had teachers who have been accomodating and eager to learn about type-1 diabetes and the needs of students with type-1 diabetes.

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