July 10, 2007

The Boy in the Photo

This is a picture from the official website for the Community of the Great Commission, our church camp which I wrote about in my previous post. It was taken several years ago. In the picture are two teenagers; this post is about the one on the left, who I have known since he was in 10.

He showed up one day at church, after worship. He was a quiet kid, and had some questions about God. So after most of the worshipers had left, he and I sat down on the steps of the church and talked about God. As the picture shows, his interest in God led him to church camp, and he and his younger brother became frequent visitors at my home.

The boy in the photo is 17 now. Earlier this year, he was kicked out of his own home, and came to live with me and my family. But last night, we had to tell him that it was no longer working. The news was no surprise to him. He knows that he's "fucked up," to use his own words.

Now he has nowhere to live. I don't know what's going to happen to him. But I do know that I'll be praying for him.

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