June 27, 2007

Tom Called...

Tom called yesterday. Tom is directing our church camp for 4th-6th graders, which Ethan will be attending as a camper, and I will be attending as a counselor. It takes place next week.

I had been intending to call Tom myself, to ask what time counselors should arrive; normally, it's 24 hours before the campers do. Tom, it turns out, had intended to send out an email with that and other information, and had thought he had sent it out several weeks ago, only to find it sitting in a folder in his computer, unsent. He felt bad about that, and I felt bad for him, because that's something that has happened to all of us. Besides, I'm so thankful that he's directing instead of me, that he could assign me to bathroom clean-up everyday and I would still be happy. (Ooh, I hope he doesn't read this...)

Anyway, Tom also asked me if I would like Ethan to be in my cabin, or in another counselor's cabin. I wasn't sure. I told him he could make that call. This is Ethan's second year at church camp. I went with him last year, and stayed with him in his cabin. This made it easy to check his blood sugar before he went to bed at night.

Later this summer, though, Ethan will be spending a week at a camp for kids with diabetes, and neither I nor my wife will be going with him. Since it is a diabetes camp, I'm not worried about his diabetes, checking his blood sugar, giving him insulin injections, etc. However, I wonder how he'll do socially. And I wonder if being in a separate cabin next week (albeit one that's only 20 yards away from my own) will help him prepare for diabetes camp. We'll see.

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