May 14, 2007

Mexico Mission

This past weekend I attended an orientation meeting for a week-long mission trip to Mexico. I convinced several younger members of my congregation to join me on this trip, which will take place the last week of June. We'll be joining almost 70 other youth and adults from various churches in northern California.

While in Mexico, we will build four homes for families living in Tijuana. Thousands of families have moved to Tijuana in recent years, and many of them lack any kind of adequate housing. Diseases are prevalent. The houses we will be building will be approximately 240 square feet and will feature a good strong roof and a cement floor. (The dirt floors in most of the houses account for the high rate of disease.)

I am amazed that so many people--and especially so many young people--are willing to take part in this trip. Many of those attending have participated before. In addition to the hard work that will be involved, each participant needs to raise at least $475 to cover not only our own travel & food expenses, but also the cost of the houses. That's quite a sacrifice for many of those involved.

I'm looking forward to the trip. If you'd like to know more, visit our Mexico Mission website. If you'd like to support me (Yes, I'm shamelessly asking for money), make your check out to Fairview Community Christian Church, memo "Mexico Mission," and send it to me at 1990 Pacific Ave., Rio Oso, CA 95674. $10 will provide a bucket of hot tar or a 40 lb. bag of cement. $25 will buy a roll of roof shingles. $50 provides us with shower water for one work day. $100 builds one framed wall.

Here's some of the dedicated people I'll be going to Mexico with, listening to one of our leaders telling us what to expect.Did she say no flush toilets for a week?A full trip report will appear on this blog in July.

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