May 29, 2007


I seem to have bad luck when it comes to Bakersfield.

Last week, my stress levels reached a new high, in part due to finances, in part due to other factors. Two of the teens in our house had medical emergencies. My mother was in the hospital. Busy summer programs that require a lot of attention from me are approaching.

When I discovered that my kids had four days off for Memorial Day, I hastily made plans for a family visit to southern California for the weekend. It's a 400 mile drive. I thought a little rest and relaxation with relatives would be a great stress-reliever.

Now I'm stuck in Bakersfield, because on the way home yesterday, we were rear-ended. We had two teenagers with us who had to be checked out at a local emergency room (Who would have guessed that the other drivers in the accident would be friendlier than the emergency room staff?). We eventually continued our journey for a ways, but then the car started acting up and now appears to be undrivable. Now it's time to deal with insurance, find a rental car, call the school where I was supposed to substitute teach today, and figure out what to do next.

You can read about my last visit to Bakersfield here.

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