March 04, 2007


I've decided to take my "What Difference Does It Make?" series of essays and turn them into a sermon series, which means I won't be posting them here anymore. The first sermon in the series I started today, and can be read by clicking the "my sermons" link in the right hand column. I plan on continuing this sermon series through Easter.

Our first youth group in two years takes place this evening from 7-8. I'm a bit nervous about this, please pray that it goes well.

Last night, as it was getting dark, I looked through the window and saw someone in a sleeping bag, laying on a bench on the porch of the church fellowship hall. This is the first time I've seen a homeless person in our rural community. My wife took him some food and introduced herself; he said his name was Gary, and he was slowly but surely making his way across the country. He thanked her for the food, and she invited him to church the next morning. Sure enough, he showed up today, and I was curious (and a bit nervous) as to the reception he'd get. I was very pleased that people went out of their way to welcome him and treat him as the honored guest he was. He's gone now, on his way north to Seattle. God's peace be with you, Gary.

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