March 10, 2007

Pray for Children

One of the youth in my community needs some extra prayers this weekend. Actually, all children and youth need the prayers of their communities, but this one in particular needs to be prayed for.

It's strange; I recently checked out from the library a book called A Long Way Gone, a memoir written by a young man who was forced into becoming a soldier in the midst of a fierce war when he was only 13. The book is currently on the best-seller lists, and no wonder: it took me 48 hours to finish it, despite my normally busy schedule. As I read it, I couldn't help but wonder how people can force children into such horrific conditions.

Then I was forced to realize that although they may not be forced into becoming soldiers, there are children right here in our own communities living through their own versions of hell.

I guess that's all I can say on a public blog, except: Read the book. Pray. And be the presence of God for the children & youth in your community.

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