February 15, 2007

What Difference...? pt. 2

What difference does being a Christian make in my life?

It connects me to the universe.

"The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord lasts forever." Even the geography of the earth changes. Mountains are formed, and then are washed into the sea. And one day, the scientists tell us, the earth itself will cease to exist.

However, scientists are also discovering that, at a fundamental level, all that exists is made of energy. Peer into a molecule, and you find atoms. Break down the atoms, and you have subatomic parts. Break down those subatomic parts, and all you're left with is energy; or, as one scientist has put it, "thoughts."

Thoughts and energy transcend time and space. The power of love and energy bind the universe together. This kind of power is even stronger than the power of a nuclear bomb, or the power of a black hole's gravitational pull.

It is my faith that connects me to this power, this energy. It is my faith that tells me that, long after my physical body has wasted away, the power and the energy that is me (my "soul") will continue. It is the power and the love of God that is within me. It is the power and the love which Jesus has shown to me. And not even death will keep me from it.

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