November 16, 2006

A Light Unto My Path

Some days, it's hard to focus. Yesterday was one of those days. Today, I took steps that I thought would help.

First, I cleared my desk. A messy desk is a desk full of distractions. And I am easily distracted.

Next, I got out my Bible. I placed it on the desk, but didn't start reading, not right away. I got a candle and placed it on my desk. I lit it. And then I started reading.

When I finished reading, I looked at the candle. Fire is amazing. It can be beautiful, and it can be terrifying. It's pure energy, and yet it can help me find peace.

I passed my hand over the candle, feeling its warmth. I held on to the sides of the candle (it's one of those big ones), and felt the heat radiating through the wax. I looked at the flame. It was bright, but not so bright that it hurt my eyes. As I stared, though, the rest of the room seemed to disappear into the darkness.

Strange thing, that flame. If I hold my hand too close, it burns. If I stare right into it, I can't hardly see. But if I look to the side, I can see, and if I hold my hand away from it a bit, I am comforted.

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