October 01, 2006

CROP Walk Today

The CROP Walk is this afternoon. I usually have grand visions concerning new church activities, and this was no exception. I set a goal of 8 people from my country church raising $700. I also envisioned those eight people growing closer together as they walked, sharing in fellowship and learning to love each other a little better. We could use a little more love right now.

Alas, on walk day, we have exactly one walker signed up (me) with a total so far of $50 raised -- all from friends/family who are not a part of my local church. This could be very discouraging to me, as much of ministry has been lately. But on the bright side, I will not be walking alone today. My family will come with me; I'll take the shorter walk option for the sake of the children. (I had planned on running/jogging the longer route.) My family will grow closer as we spend the day together. And my $50 (which, hopefully will increase when I ask for support in worship today, although I know I shouldn't get my hopes up too much) will do something to fight hunger. Every little bit helps, right?

Today, 18,000 children will die of hunger.

The people in my little country church need to relearn how to love one another.

The task is so big, and I am just one man...

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