September 23, 2006

I Thought It Was Broken

I got to take my first ride in a hybrid car today. I was so excited once I realized it was a hybrid, a fact that wasn't obvious to me at first. As we were driving along, we came to a red light, and when the car stopped, everything shut down --- the A.C. went off, and the car seemed dead. I asked the driver, "Is your car O.K.?"

"Yes, it's a hybrid."

As soon as the light turned green, the engine started back up, the A.C. kicked back in, and we were on our way. Yeah!

Someday, I'll own my own hybrid. No, wait, someday, I'll own a car that doesn't rely on fossil fuels at all, and creates virtually no pollution. Someday....

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Reverend Ref + said...

A friend of mine had a hybrid. It's a weird feeling when you roll up to a stoplight and the thing just ... quits. I'd be tempted to try and re-start it.