August 16, 2006

High School Musical

We're driving down state highway 99, the kids in the back, Radio Disney coming from the minivan speakers. A song from the movie High School Musical comes on, and for a minute we quietly listen. Then I mention to my wife, in a whispered confession, "You know, I don't think I'd really mind it all that much if we owned this on DVD."

A few seconds of silence is followed by my wife's response, also spoken confessionally: "It's on the shelf in the closet."

I admit it. This is a fun movie. It's been around awhile on the Disney Channel, but we don't have cable, so it's new to us. Yes, it's cheesy as can be, but come on: you like it too, don't you?

The tunes are irresistable. I even learned the chords to "Breaking Free" so that I could accompany myself singing it with the guitar. I learned them for my son, you understand. He likes to listen to the soundtrack, playing it at full volume, over and over. He's only five, by the way.

But that's OK. When he was four, it was Green Day, probably not the best lyrics for a four year-old to be singing. High School Musical is squeaky clean, a deterrent to some potential fans I suppose; but a little squeaky clean goodness is OK once in awhile, especially in a world that is anything but. Even if it is a bit cheesy.

no wine with this cheese

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peripateticpolarbear said...

My campers were obsessed with that show! I know half the songs just from listening to the soundtrack. You're the coolest dad to like it.