April 17, 2006

Easter Week

It was a busy Easter Week. Of course, being a pastor, what did I expect? Extra worship to plan, Easter Sunday, relatives in town, and church members in the hospital. Certainly enough to keep me busy, and off the computer.

Sunday, after worship, I was worn out. I tried to take a nap, but my wife beat me to it. So I collapsed hard into bed Sunday night, and today I'm leaving the house, going to an undisclosed coffee house and then to an undisclosed library, to work on sermons, read a book I've been assigned for the Summer Collegium, and, just maybe, write an essay for my blog.

One thing I did do this week was set up a new site where I will post my sermons. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to put sermons online, because even though I use a manuscript, I usually make minor deviations from the manuscript when I preach, and sometimes major deviations. Also, because sermons are a form of oral communication, I sometimes allow things like sentence fragments and inconsistencies in tense---things which drive me crazy in written communication, being the perfectionist I am. My Palm Sunday sermon and Maundy Thursday "reflection" are online now, and my Easter sermon will hopefully be up sometime tomorrow. It would be up today, but the computer is acting up again :-( .


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