March 06, 2006

What I'm Writing About

Sunday's worship service went well; perhaps I'll write about that later. Today I saw two people waving from a bridge to cars passing below on the interstate, despite the heavy rain that was falling; I'll write something about them soon as well. But tonight my thoughts are on my four year-old son Tristan who was taken by ambulance to the hospital earlier today. He should be back home tomorrow (Tuesday).

When I took him in to his doctor this afternoon, the doctor diagnosed him with croup, (something that just about every parent of young children becomes familiar with); because Tristan was having difficulty breathing, the doctor wanted him transported by ambulance so that oxygen would be available.

My wife is at the hospital with him tonight. Tomorrow, I will go substitute teach 8th grade, Tristan will come home, and all of us will watch Harry Potter 4 on DVD---not something I'd recommend for most 4 year-olds, by the way, but if you know Tristan, you know he can handle it. That, too, I'll write about one of these days.


Anita said...

You've raised my curiosity by hinting at upcoming entries!

How very scary this hospital 'visit' must have been for you and Ginger (not to mention Tristan).

Me being a Mom, I hope you'll take this comment right ... I sure hope Tristan wasn't so sick that he couldn't be amazed at his ambulance ride!

Strength and hugs to you and Ginger.

Guido said...

I will keep your family in my prayers.