February 11, 2006

Pheasant Feather

The weather in the Sacramento Valley has been unseasonably warm. Bright rays of sunshine quickly chase away the morning cold. And I've been enjoying it as much as I can.

When I walked from the coffee shop to Buttes Christian Manor on Tuesday, I was disappointed that the walk was so short. On Thursday and Friday, I had the pleasure of walking home from Browns Elementary School after teaching a class of fourth graders. My own son, a third-grader, accompanied me. It's one and a half miles, and takes us about 30-40 minutes to walk. Ethan complained about it at first, but then we discovered the pheasant feather.

It was over a foot long, with black circles spaced along its length. He picked it up and carried it home, where it remains.

Friends driving down the road stopped and asked if we needed a ride. They seemed confused when I said, "no thank you." To their way of thinking, there must be something wrong if a person is walking down the road. To my way of thinking, there must be something wrong if someone doesn't take some time to enjoy days as beautiful as these ... spending some time outside, where pheasant feathers and other discoveries await.

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Michael said...

I like to shovel snow. Go figure. On a snowy day there is nothing like the magic of being outdoors and feeling the flakes settle on your brow. I like the labor and the rhythm of the task. It helps me think. It is a useful exercise. People look at me strange too. Sometimes the neighbors will sneak over and snowblow my driveway thinking I am unfortunate. Little do they know how fortunate I am.
I liked your walk and enjoy them as well.

Take Care