January 22, 2006

Pimpin' Pastor

OK, so the in thing among the kids in our neck of the woods is MySpace. I've told them that I have a blog, but they have no interest; blogger is so "ghetto," they tell me. Their attitude is fine with me, 'cause I'm not sure I want them to read all that I write here, anyway.

MySpace is how the kids connect. It's also where they share their true feelings. I wanna know what the kids are writing about themselves, and who they're connecting with. However, in order to view a lot of the MySpace websites, you need to have your own MySpace website. So, as of this weekend, I do. And the kids helped me set it up.

I began entering my profile information. It asks for your age. I typed in 34. "34!" laughs the kid when he sees that. "You're not going to get any friends if you say you're 34!"

I thanked him for his opinion, pointing out that in just a few days, it'll change to 35.

Then it came time for a brief personal introduction. "Move over," I am told, and I watch as my "self-description" is entered into the webpage. "I am the pimpin' pastor with the cool kids who's married to the most wonderfulust pimp woman...."

"Wait a minute," I interrupt; "Can you call a girl a 'pimp?'" He deletes "pimp" and inserts "pimpette," and keeps on typing.

So that's how my life on MySpace began. I'm not taking it too seriously. My online heart remains here at the Field of Dandelions. But if you're curious, or you just want a good laugh.... www.myspace.com/pastordannyb.


Danny said...

Dang. It already says I'm 35, but that's not true until Thursday. *sigh*

Guido said...

Man you got a freaking tie on. How are you going to get friends with a tie in the picture?
Yeah, it sucks to get old.
guido 36yr

Danny said...

The picture at the myspace site will be changed as soon as I get a better one. At first I had a picture from the internet of the dad from the Zits comic strip, but then realized I'm not supposed to post pictures that are copyrighted or the whole account may be deleted. BTW, if you want to know what life is like in my house, read Zits.

mark said...

I have myspace, too! It was the kids at my internship congregation that got me to do it, too! I'm totally going to go add you now!!