January 28, 2006

God's Love is Anti-Christian?

"'The Book of Daniel' is anti-Christian and sacrilegious. By anti-Christian, I mean all the characters are screwed up. There's not a sane one in the bunch."
-Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association.

I'm not interested in promoting the TV show, 'The Book of Daniel.' However, as a Christian, I find the idea of a TV show where the characters are "screwed up" to be a familiar storyline. Simon Peter denied Jesus three times, and was called "Satan" on at least one occasion by Jesus. Matthew was a tax collector who cheated honest people out of their money. Judas betrayed Jesus. Thomas' faith was full of doubts. It seems to me that the disciples were pretty "screwed up."

Let us not even mention some of the others who followed Jesus. A more screwed up, insane group of people I couldn't imagine. I guess they must also be anti-Christian.

Wildmon said he "doesn't have a problem with Christians being depicted in an imperfect way ... but for goodness gracious, have some redeeming value to the story line."

How about this, Mr. Wildmon: on at least two of the three episodes of the show I watched, the message came through loud and clear that "God loves everyone." If that's not a redeeming value, then I don't know what is.

Now, as to whether or not the show is entertaining or not, well, that's another question....

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