December 27, 2005

The Door Needs to be Fixed

At the front of the 122 year-old sanctuary, behind the curtains, there is a door which leads to a small storeroom. It's a beautiful old door, beautiful not because it is fancy or pretty to look at, but because it is solid and well-constructed. The wood is good, and it has a porcelain doorknob.

However, the top hinge on the door is loose. The screws have pulled out of the woodwork, and as a result, the door doesn't hang straight. Try to close it, and the door bumps into the door frame.

Fortunately, the door isn't used much. That's a good thing, because as it is, it could fall off and hurt someone. It's a good, beautiful door, but with a loose hinge, it's dangerous.

That door needs to be fixed.

2,000 years ago, there was a carpenter who knew a thing or two about doors. He knew how important it was that they hang straight. He also knew a thing or two about people, and about God and God's teachings.

One day he was asked about which of God's teachings were most important. He answered, "Love God, and love your neighbor as yourself. These are the most important commands. They are the hinges on which everything else hangs. No matter how good or beautiful the others may be, they are dangerous, and can hurt someone if they are not hanging straight from these two most important teachings."

I say again: that door needs to be fixed.


jo(e) said...

Oh, I loved this.

see-through faith said...

wonderful post :) I blog door photos on my blog and next week when I resume I'll link to this :)

be blessed in 2006

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that's my door too! My own over 100 year old door, except that it has a painted iron doorknob from the Victorian era. Said doorknob has a sort-of-stole given to laity hanging over the doorknob -- a small thing, but something that also calls me to think about Jesus as I head out the door each morning.

Tomorrow morning I will be sure to notice the hinges as well....

Thanks for a lovely post! I'm enjoying your blog a lot!