December 03, 2005

Church Website

Some online preachers are masters when it comes to building and designing websites. Then there's the rest of us....

For over five years, the church I pastor has had a website, hosted by ForMinistry. I set up this website when I arrived here. However, ForMinistry keeps updating, and they keep asking me to switch over to more recent versions. Although the newer versions look nicer, I've tried setting up a newer version website (three times), and have found it too complicated.

The version I'm (still) using is about 3 versions out of date. It also comes with a long, hard to remember address: Ugh.

One year ago I started this blog, and I think I've figured out how it works. It's pretty simple, really. And I thought, for a small country church like mine, maybe that's all I need: a church blog. So I've been working on a new "blog" website for my church. Getting it started has been fun and a little time-consuming, but it will be easier for me to keep updated in the long-run. It's not finished yet, but if you want to see what I've got so far, the address is: Of course, you can always just click on the link. And if you want to see the old ForMinistry site, the link to that is still (for another week or two) in the right hand column. --->

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