November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

After church, I spent four hours moving furniture, 5-gallon paint cans, and restacking books on bookshelves, all work that needs to be done following all the painting that took place. Ginger and Michelle worked too. But then we tired out, and now I'm sitting, and thought I'd post some pictures from my family's trip to southern California for Thanksgiving.

On the way, we stopped for dinner at Aero Dogs in Tulare. It's a hot dog restaurant ("Home of the famous flying wiener") located inside an actual airplane. How cool is that?

We had thanksgiving at my sister's house, and on Friday, got together with another family that we're friends with, and went exploring at Vazquez Rocks. The southern California weather was nice and warm, and I, my sons Ethan and Tristan, and my goddaughter Angel made it to the top of the rocky peak in the picture. (The rock is bigger than it looks in this picture; look closely to see people climbing it in the background.) Vazquez Rocks is a popular place for filming movies and TV shows, and there was in fact a photo shoot of some sort going on while we were there, but for us it was just a nice day to enjoy with family and friends.

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[rhymes with kerouac] said...

I'm a sucker for roadside attractions too. I mean, 'The Home of the Flying Weiner' located in an actual airplane?

Oh yeah - that's way cool!