November 06, 2005

Quick Update

On Wednesday night, we had our pre-Miracle Day meeting, organizing the list of volunteers and assigning them tasks for Saturday. During the meeting, I could feel a soreness in my throat, the first signs of a cold.

On Saturday morning, 127 people showed up at our little country church, some coming from as far away as Orange County, California and Sparks, Nevada. Eight hours later, and the church looked different: new paint everywhere, repairs made to the exterior, and tons and tons of gardening and landscaping. It truly was a day of miracles. And I went to bed at 7:30, having been worn out by the day and my cold.

Tomorrow I'm off for a 3-day retreat for the clergy in our region. I plan to continue relaxing and catching up on my sleep. I promise to write more about Miracle Day when I return.

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